Patch Article! Quadriplegic Quivers with Life's Woe, As Helplessness and Poverty Ravish the Disabled

      Well, a bit exaggerated but quivering none the less .The link below is my latest article on It covers a multitude of topics and is well worth the read! The interview is very candid and genuine. It also helped raise money toward a solution for one of my biggest challenge during the winter months. Donators get a fun, mysterious token of gratitude via slugmail - individually crafted. I let reality ring out without fear or  remorse. Lisa Finn, thank you. More about 'The Life Things' below. how's that for a tag line? Ah well on second thought, Quadriplegic Quivers with Life's Woe, As Helplessness and Poverty Ravish the Disabled. Whatever gets your attention haha.

      ANYWAY, Not only was she able to share my story but  I was also able to raise money for a mini split heating unit. I would love to have one of these because of this severe nerve pain I get during the winter. It's hard to explain to the normal person but in short, I get uncontrollable shivering. After a few hours of enduring the shivering my muscles start to tighten and knot up. It's quite painful. It seems to be brought about by changing weather and the cold. I very rarely, if at all have this problem during the warmer months . The few things that seems to stop it, oddly enough, are hugs, back rubs and warm blowing air. No joke. That last one I discovered at the Shepherd Center, just by accident (Back rubs are in limited supply) My room had one of those heaters which blows warm air out at variable speeds and during one of my shivering episodes I put it on blast and lo and behold the shivering stopped.

      The odd shivering nerve pain has been a huge problem for me. so for there to be a solution is...... wonderful. Oh! One more peculiar detail -the shivering doesn't stop even if the room is 85°, it solely  has to do with whatever is going on with the weather.  One more reason to keep your electrical system intact. I definitely have a few crossed wires.... I may have had a few, or more  crossed wires in my brain before all this....


      At the end of the story is a link to the donation part of my website. Which you might've already seen if you're reading this. Everyone who donated gets a little surprise in the mail, nothing too crazy but a symbol of my appreciation. They take awhile to make so If you donated you might have to wait :-)

I'll post some pics of the mini split process as it progresses. The electric is already done. Just gotta get the unit.




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