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Matthew Raynor - interview - overcoming adversity

Mary Elizabeth Matthew Raynor Photography

Art and Content Inspired by Adventure, Tragedy, Travel and Overcoming Adversity. Code:Holiday30

Matthew's story is rife with Exciting Adventure, Rich Travels, Loss & Tragedy and Inspirational Hope. (Click the bold words for more content) m His Photography is accompanied by the stories surrounding them. Tales of the sea - A voyage through a tropical storm. Enduring loss and grief surroundind a debilitating diving Accident. Re-creating himself from a seemingly hopeless situation

. And, ultimately finding Hope and purpose in his work as a disabled photographer, writer and videographer. All of which is documented on this Site.
Keep up with current events in Matt's World a b/vlog or read the captivating stories along side breathtaking photography. Watch stories produced and edited by Matt Or read one of his spirited short stories.

Or simply support him as a disabled person rebuilding his life. Donations are always welcome, they come with a hand crafted surprise.


Taken in 2017 during a tropical storm, we were on the
Mary Elizabeth steaming down to Beaufort, North Carolina with a limit
of fluke which we had caught off the coast of, well – it doesn’t matter.
I was on watch in the wheel house (ie. my friend Scott Berglin and his
father were sleeping). It took three hours in driving rain to get this
shot. I was ....Click for More

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I’m so excited...the amazing photograph by my friend and incredible photographer Matthew Raynor has arrived and is now hanging in my house! This photograph, “The Line”, is so beautiful to me in many ways. It is a moment in time captured while Matt was a commercial fisherman “somewhere out in The Atlantic”, as he puts it. The ocean has always been a place where I can go and feel peace inside. I grew up at the beach. My parents took me camping when I was 2 weeks old, my father had an International truck that we named “The Gray Ghost”, it was gray with wood sides and the floor boards were all rusted out. My brother and my greatest thrill was watching the road under us as we sat in the cool! My grandmother always reminded me when I was a girl, we’d be standing at the waters edge, our feet going deeper in the sand with each wave breaking, and we watched the hermit crabs leaving little bubbles and holes as they burrowed, “The ocean is where we are closest to God, Jenny”. That was the extent of any talk of God, but I never forgot her words. This was my fathers mother, and as an extended family we would spend our time at the beach, driving on by the inlet. There were maybe 5 families at the time who were there and we were all friends. There were no rules, no permits or plotted out campsites like today. We’d just drive to the end of Meadow Lane, all five houses that were on the ocean then stood out from the dunes, and it seemed like forever to get to the end and onto the sand where we would all get out to “air out” the tires. As a child I couldn’t know how much I would cherish those memories! Now, I can look at this powerful and beautiful image and be reminded of all of the love and amazing times at the the ocean where I would look out and wonder at its mystery, power and magnitude. Matt really captured that in this picture, and “the line” makes me think of how brave & daring one has to be to go out on the vast ocean in a relatively little boat! Thank you Matt.

Jennifer McLauchen

I got my high gloss aluminum print of the Terri sue which is a picture of my boat and probably the best picture I have of my boat. Matt took this picture while towing past us on a snowy day and sent it to me via text little did I know how clear and well it would come out blown up 30x45. let me just say this is the centerpiece of my entry way to my house and gets so many compliments. Stunning quality. Something that will be in the family forever. Thank you so much Matt.

Samantha m

This aluminum print is magnificent. The light on the water is radiant and it looks like it might have been a full moon night. I’ve wanted to visit Beaufort but haven’t gotten there yet. Matt’s photography and the method in which he has chosen to print it (aluminum print) makes me feel like I’m taking a visit to Beaufort. At night with the lights on in the house the print comes to life.
The packing and shipping was impeccable.
Thank you Matt. I’m going to buy “Terri Sue”.

Jill A

Me and my wife loved the striking geometry of the piece but most of all the stunning colors. It came in a sleek finish with the print fused and shining into the metal. The mounting let the picture hover over our wall which gives it a designed and luxurious feel. It looks great without a frame. Matt we love your art and your determination to share the beauty you see in this world... Thank you!