A Poem; Getting to the Core of Everything


      Rarely do I find myself moved by my own art. But the simplicity of this picture inspired me to write a poem. A poem about everything. I will not say more as I know what these words mean to me as I have passed and lived again. I hope you find meaning in my words. 

      Art is often created  to evoke emotion. But, with that emotion one can find understanding. Whether it be Clarity in a relationship or a direction in life - the result is beautiful. I suppose you could say... we should never stop scribbling with crayons. This process is entirely necessary in the human condition.

      Here is the photo. taken on a calm day, you can see the sandy bay bottom topped by shallow water. A reflection of the sky Is painted on the water, thus giving us three elements. Sky, Sea and Sand. 

From sky to sea and sand, We form in the mold of humanity.
Our reality is a set illusion. Yet unseen, truth surrounds us.
It is a face unknown; it whispers it's form ever so quietly.
Details told by a grain of sand floating in the wind.
With thousands of others, all falling to create patterns anew.
And from the shifting dunes of time, a melody rings out.
The song of all that was and will be. Sung by the unseen face.
Notes leading home when the mold is dusty and broken.
Inside, the warmth of the hearth Comforts an uneasy journey.
And all at once the unseen is understood.
We are the grain of sand, the wind, the sky.         
Momentarily dancing as one in a moment in time


  • Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate you reading and following along. It means a lot

    Matt Raynor
  • What a beautiful poem and your understanding of life is quite illuminating. I have just read a little about you and your terrible accident. Considering how horrible the dive became and how you were rescued and brought back from the dead it is truly a blessing from God. You are a man on a mission and your love of nature and the beauty around us is something that you treasure. This is why you are still with us, thank God and you for that. I pray you stay positive and keep enriching and teaching those who do not see this beauty each and every day. Thank God for your wisdom and inner strength. May you always reflect the inner and outward beauty and meaning of life and may life bring you all that you hope for.

    susan tiger

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