Cow Fish
Cow Fish

Cow Fish

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LA beautiful shot of cowfish fish. I used to deliver large scallops  here after working long days on the Fv Alisha J. If you ever had a Meal with scallops  there is a chance that I picked, sorted  and shucked them. then hand delivered them to the restaurant.
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This Brings back nostalgia Of times past... of  the long hot summer days aboard the  trawler. I believe I was 25 at the time and loved the job. We started the day at 3:30 AM and hit the dock late around 7. The combination of hard labor, easy catch, ocean air and great pay had me exhilarated.

In the mornings we would steam out to the scallop grounds. It was a far Voyage at eight knots so i would catch two or three hours of rack time as the sun rose. Afterwards we would set the net in and go to work until we filled the  quota. After coming in, packing out and finishing things I would head into my truck, load the fish and crank the AC.

Then venture towards Cow fish on the tourist filled street. I'd  pull into the croWded parking lot in my single cab, manual Toyota.  bench seats - no power windows or locks! my beloved  truck, oh you were small but i loved you so. Could tow my boat with only 4 cylanders.No fancy features to break at random times and fully capable of doing my job. Next I would Hop out and dodge the Mercedes and BMWs. Then to the kitchen cooler Returning, I'd still be dodging expensive cars and drunk  patrons. Lastly , id jump Back in the truck, Drag my foot across about an inch of sand and hit the gas for home! Then wake up and start it all over again.

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