Wheelchair Disrepair, Govt Neglect and A Rescue by the Community


A few months ago I was stuck in a serious dilemma, i failed to update my blog BUT here it is. My wheelchair  had become nearly in operable as a government repair order went unanswered for months. That, along with the  disrepair of my handicap accessible van landed me in a dangerous situation.

   The wheels on my power chair were extremely worn to the point where I could slide and burn out on the asphalt. The headrest, back wheels, and chassis all needed and overhaul. Coinciding with this happening my van started to fail. The locking mechanism which kept me in place while driving no longer worked.

  I had an emergency m a the suprapubic tube which helps me illuminate urine had fallen out during the night leaving me in a perilous situation. On the drive to remedy the pressing issue of a bladder and kidney failure  I slid around the van adding insult to injuryMade a dangerous situation even more dangerous and stressful. I ended up getting surgery.

  I gave up on the government and had a fundraiser which went really well because our community is amazing. I raise enough money to pay for everything I needed and people donated not  only money but their time and resources to fix everything.

  I made this YouTube video with a acquaintance from college, his father is a paraplegic and he founded a accessibility company. He offered his services free of charge and fixed my chair! I love this was wonderful because it restocked abank account to pay for home care and other things that should be covered by the government but often are not.

  Nevertheless after that ordeal I ended up having a wonderful Christmas, I got everything I needed and everything I wanted. Which made a terrible situation turn into a great one.


after my wheelchair was repaired a generous benefactor (Pat Franzino) offered to pay for a wheelchair which would stand me up. This is amazing as it is extremely beneficial to my cardiovascular health along with bone density not to mention that I can stand while driving around the house. I can reach things I could only stare at beforeOh and one more really important thing. While I may be paralyzed I can still feel deep pressure.  from sitting constantly and sleeping on my back my rear end is in constant pain. And I'm talking about life shattering debilitating pain. Thestanding Wheelchair will completely displace the weight relieving me of the constant aching. I haven't received the wheelchair yet but it's coming and I'm very excited

   I have more hurdles ahead as will be changing my living situationI will lose the security of my current home and I am searching for a new place to live. The family house will be going up for sale soon and I will be hopefully in a new and better place but as of right now everything is speculation. I have a lot of things to figure out, where I will live, will my health aides be able to travel there, how will I pay the bills – the list goes on but receiving the standup chair has taken the sting out of my current troubles. But living life as a quadriplegic is in no way easy. Not glorious or elegant it's a struggle, everything is a battle and this is the next battle. I have a plan so stay Tuned


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